A lady stretching at the beach near Ana Hotels Europa

Purpose: increase lung capacity, improve breathing, general toning, strengthening of the immune system, relaxation and mental balance.

The package contains:

  • accommodation 7 nights with breakfast
  • medical consultation
  • Ecg


  • Individual respiratory physiotherapy 1 sessions/day of 25 minutes with specific exercises to increase lung capacity, toning the respiratory muscles and educating correct breathing 
  • exercise program in the pool for muscle toning improving joint mobility and increasing exercise capacity
  • partial sludge/partial hot wraps
  • seawater aerosols every 3 days:
  • subacval shower 15' 2/4/6 sessions, 
  • therapeutic massage 20' 2/4/6 sessions, 
  • segmental lymphatic drainage 2' 2/4/6 sessions

Price: from 652 euro / person in double room

The offer is valid depending on availability. For reservations you can contact us at 0241/702 840 and 0241/702.818 or e-mail: