Spa treatment at Ana Hotels Europa Eforie Nord


Benefit from our spa therapies in Eforie Nord

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Techirghiol Therapies at Ana Hotels Europa Eforie Nord


Tratamente cu nămol în Eforie Nord

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Massage at Ana Hotels Europa Eforie Nord


Restore the wellbeing and natural balance of your body using our relaxing rituals.

Massages and therapies – Enjoy relaxation massages using essential oils, mud, or hot stones that melt away the stress and tension with skilled arms. These ancient therapies help the body to regain its natural balance.

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Anti-aging rituals at Ana Hotels Europa Eforie Nord


Treat yourself to body remodeling and skin rejuvenation, and uncover firm and bright-looking skin.

Anti-ageing treatments – beauty, sensuality and rejuvenation through a combination of the active ingredients in seaweed, red grape extract and organic luxury products with a strong antioxidative and toning effect.

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Body Rituals at Ana Hotels Europa Eforie Nord


Body toning through treatments, exercise and personalized diets

The extra weight can be lost and the body toned with just a few days of fitness, swimming, professional massages, hydrotherapy and treatments using chocolate, caffeine, mud and seaweed.

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Facial Rituals at Ana Hotels Europa Eforie Nord


These treatments offer intensive care and revitalization of the skin, resulting in extra brightness and elasticity.

Facials – cleanse, hydrate and look after the skin using organic products that regenerate the tissue, enabling the skin to regain its firmness and beauty.

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Aqua & Heat at Ana Hotels Europa Eforie Nord


Enjoy relaxation, pampering and full-body rejuvenation through the healing powers of water, plants and silt.

Hydrotherapies – relaxation, detoxification, hydration and body toning through a combination of the benefits of water and the healing power of seaweed and organic mud.

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Wellbeing for men at Ana Hotels Europa Eforie Nord


These relaxing, toning and rejuvenating treatments are created especially for men.

Wellbeing for Men – an energizing program designed specially for men that increases physical strength, resilience and vitality.

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Sport & Wellbeing at Ana Hotels Europa Eforie Nord


Tone your body through fitness, kinetics, and hydrokinetic therapy in a seawater swimming pool.

Sports and wellbeing – the prevention and treatment of different conditions, as well as physical rehabilitation via exercise, kinesiotherapy and hydro-kinesiotherapy in the swimming pool filled with salty water from the Techirghiol Lake.

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Medica therapy at Ana Hotels Europa Eforie Nord


Stimulate the strength and recovery of your body, using the latest procedures.

Electrotherapy – reduces muscle pain and circulation issues through modern and uninvasive techniques such as laser treatment.

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