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Ana Aslan Health Spa at Hotel Europa

A signature Spa & wellness treatments in Eforie Nord

A world of tranquility is yours to enjoy at our state-of-the-art spa, which offers a wealth of treatments designed to soothe, refresh and increase vitality. Be sure to enjoy a kinetic therapy in our indoor pool, which features saltwater from Techirghiol Lake.

About Ana Aslan Health SPA

Located on the ground floor of Ana Hotels Europa in Eforie Nord, Ana Aslan Health Spa is a true oasis of relaxation and serenity. Our state-of-the-art spa is Romania’s premier wellbeing destination and combines stress-relieving therapies, balneal and rehabilitation treatments, ancient relaxation rituals and cutting-edge rejuvenation and body toning procedures. Our skilled spa technicians are inspired by the legacy of Dr. Ana Aslan, the renowned Romanian researcher after whom our spa is named. Guests enjoy traditional treatments using seawater and mud from Techirghiol Lake, as well as innovative laser, ultrasound and ionization procedures.

Our vast menu of spa services features sports rehabilitation therapies, massage therapy, facials, body toning sessions, anti-aging treatments and revitalisation treatments just for men. Modern facilities include a heated saltwater pool, a Jacuzzi, a sauna, a fitness centre and 45 peaceful treatment rooms.

Dr. Mihaela Cucu
Medical Director Ana Aslan Health Spa

Experienced medical practitioner, with 30 years of medical practice, has practiced in institutions such as the Bucharest Emergency Hospital - National Institute of Physical Medicine and Balneology (Prof. Dr. Nicolae Teleki) and in renowned medical institutions, such as the National Institute of Geriatrics and Gerontology "Ana Aslan" - Clinic of Otopeni, where she served as Head of the Medical Recovery Section.
She has had numerous contributions to Conferences and Medical Congresses in the country and abroad and has received a scholarship in the field of Medical Rehabilitation at Purpan Hospital - Casselardit, Toulouse, France.
Dr. Mihaela Cucu is the most experienced physician in the field of Medical SPA's, practicing at the renowned Spa Centers on the Romanian seashore, contributing significantly to the success of the 4 and 5 * spa hotels where she added value by creating dedicated "Spa Concepts ".
Experience gained over the years of working with the largest specialists in the field contributed to the image and notoriety as a Doctor in Romania as well as abroad.
Dr Mihaela Cucu is currently the Medical Director of Ana Aslan Health Spa, Europa Hotel, Eforie Nord, where she coordinates a team of 35 therapists and nurses.
The complexity of everyday tasks in the center with 55 cabinets, a kinetotherapy room, two saltwater pools (from the Techirghiol Lake), personalized health consultations and packages, are the daily challenges of Mihaela, challenges she faces and solves always together with the Director of Hotel Europa, creating an exceptional management of Hotel Europa and the Ana Aslan Health Spa Center.

Legacy of Ana Aslan

'Being young doesn't mean being 20. Being young means being optimistic, feeling good and having an ideal to fight for in order to achieve it.'
Prof. Dr. Ana Aslan

In a world restlessly looking to find a potion for endless youth, the discovery of a wonder anti-aging treatment at the half of the twentieth century was an astounding event. Born in 1896, Prof. dr. Ana Aslan developed in 1951 the famous Gerovital H3 formula, thus leading the way in medicinal gerontology worldwide to become one of the most renowned and awarded Romanian researchers. A year later, she was awarded the 'Leon Bernard' international honours by the World Health Organization for her contribution to the field. Other awards followed throughout the years, and Ana Aslan became a member of the New York Science Academy, the European Center of Applied Health Research, the World Union of Prophilactic Health and Social Hygiene, as well as the President of the International Gerontology Association.

After observing, testing and proving for the first time the effectiveness of procaine, a strong local anesthetic in the fight against ageing, the woman that has defeated time dedicated her entire life — until the age of 92 — to the geriatric treatment. Ana Aslan invented the Gerovital concept and later the Aslavital formula and founded a complex geriatric program that has been enjoyed by Tito, Charles de Gaulle, Hrusciov, J.F. Kennedy, Indira Gandhi, Marlene Dietrich, Konrad Adenauer, Charlie Chaplin, Salvador Dali and Kirk Douglas.

Albert C. Simard, the renowned endocrinologist at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, used to refer to Gerovital H3 as a miraculous treatment. Studies have shown the product's strong anti oxidative, toning and regenerating effects on the hepatic cells when used in the prevention and treatment of depression, fatigue, vascular malfunctions, skin ageing, sugar diabetes, Parkinson's and grey hair.

The injectable Gerovital H3 treatment is still a valuable anti-aging formula. Ana Hotels holds the right to use the 'Ana Aslan' brand, offering personalized treatment packages in the modern Ana Aslan Health Spa center. The procedures are undertaken following the medical evaluation and testing of the patient and are complemented by physiotherapy for a better general state and the rejuvenation of the entire body.

"Let's bring life and years back to life", Prof. Dr. Ana Aslan

Spa Etiquette

The Reservation for our Spa Services hast to be performed at the SPA Reception in advance.  Please contact us at the following Telephone Numbers: +40 241 702 841 / 0241 702 840 – for outside of the hotel and 8040 or 8041 directly from your room.

For your comfort, please try to arrive on time, ideally 10 minutes before your treatment start. In case of delay, we will be obliged to shorten the treatment duration. To benefit of a proper treatment, please be so kind and bring with you your medical letter or the list provided at the Spa Reception for you.

In order to avoid unpleasant situations, we kindly ask you to announce the ammendment or cancellation of your reservation at the Spa Reception with at least 24 hours before (if you are not our Hotel Guest) and with at least 4 hours before (if you are our Hotel Guest). We kindly ask you for this cancellation procedure in order to avoid 50% penalties for the services. Unconfirmed cancellations will lead to the complete payment of the reserved treatments. The treatments can be reprogramed through a new reservation confirmation, based on availability.

The medical consultation is mandatory for your medical recommended services. If you did not choose a package that includes medical consultation, upon arrival we kindly ask you to complete our SPA Lifestyle Disclaimer.

Inside our Spa Center you will find bathrobes, bath towels, single use slippers and individual dressing cabins. Upon your departure, we kindly ask you to leave the used bath towels and bathrobes at the Spa Reception. For some therapies, the therapist will offer you one-use underwear. For the hydrotherapies is necessary to wear a swim suit.

In order to ensure a most relaxing ambience, please try to reduce all noises to the minimum. We kindly ask you to set your mobile phones on silent mode.

Access to the indoor treatment pool for children below 16 years of age is allowed only under adult supervision.

We strongly recommend you to deposit your personal belongings and jewelry in the safe box located in your hotel room or at the Spa Reception. Our Spa Center does not take responsibility for the loss of your personal belongings or jewelry damage during the therapies.

Spa services will be paid at the Spa Reception or transferred to your Room account.

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