Dr. Mihaela Cucu of Ana Aslan Health Spa at Ana Hotels Europa


30 year-experience medical practitioner

Experienced medical practitioner, with 30 years of medical practice, has practiced in institutions such as the Bucharest Emergency Hospital - National Institute of Physical Medicine and Balneology (Prof. Dr. Nicolae Teleki) and in renowned medical institutions, such as the National Institute of Geriatrics and Gerontology "Ana Aslan" - Clinic of Otopeni, where she served as Head of the Medical Recovery Section.

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She has had numerous contributions to Conferences and Medical Congresses in the country and abroad and has received a scholarship in the field of Medical Rehabilitation at Purpan Hospital - Casselardit, Toulouse, France. Dr. Mihaela Cucu is the most experienced physician in the field of Medical SPA's, practicing at the renowned Spa Centers on the Romanian seashore, contributing significantly to the success of the 4 and 5 * spa hotels where she added value by creating dedicated "Spa Concepts".

Experience gained over the years of working with the largest specialists in the field contributed to the image and notoriety as a Doctor in Romania as well as abroad.
Dr Mihaela Cucu is currently the Medical Director of Ana Health Spa, Europa Hotel, Eforie Nord, where she coordinates a team of 35 therapists and nurses.
The complexity of everyday tasks in the center with 55 cabinets, a kinetotherapy room, two saltwater pools (from the Techirghiol Lake), personalized health consultations and packages, are the daily challenges of Mihaela, challenges she faces and solves always together with the Director of Hotel Europa, creating an exceptional management.

Dr. Mihaela Cucu of Ana Aslan Health Spa at Ana Hotels Europa
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