Intensive Rheuma Outdoor

7 nights stay

Lately you have been experiencing rheumatic pains and at every change of season the pains increase? Try the Intensive Rheuma Outdoor package.
The package is recommended for: degenerative rheumatic diseases (osteoarthritis) and inflammatory (ankylosing spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis), abarticular rheumatism of soft parts (periarthritis, tendinitis, tenosynovitis, enteritis, Dupuytrene disease, spondylosis, herniated disc.
The package includes:
•    7 nights accommodation with breakfast included
•    Medical examination,
•    3 therapies/day, customized program based on medical diagnosis, from: mud therapies (baths 20', massages 20'), therapeutic massages with essential oils 20', herbal baths with salt water 20', parafin wraps 20', kinetotherapy, hydrokinetotheraphy in the outdoor pool with salty water from Techirghiol lake ,electrotherapy, laser, Bioptron;
•    recommendations and medical report.

Offer valid subject to availability and weather conditions for a minimum stay of 7 nights until 30.09.2024. Rates vary according to the period booked. The resort promotion fee of 3 lei/adult/night is not included. 

For more details and reservations, please contact us at: or phone 0241 702 818 / 0241 702 809.