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Discover what to do in Eforie Nord with Europa Hotel!

Ana Hotels Europa is an excellent holiday destination, where you can enjoy sports, health and relaxation right at the seaside.

As a place for pampering and revitalization, the Ana Aslan Health Spa center features a seawater swimming pool, a gym, treatment and beauty salons where the natural treasures of the Techirghiol Lake are combined with luxury anti-aging products. Discover the excitement of water sports and cruises, the wonders of the unique

views of Dobrogea and the Danube Delta, the millenary history of the Histria and Tomis Greek citadels, as well as the Roman memorials of Adamclisi. Enjoy it all with a taste of the Dobrogea wines and a fisherman’s lunch in the Danube Delta.

Romanian and Greek Nights

Romanian and Greek Nights

In July and August, the Blue Dolphin Restaurant welcomes you with special evenings every Friday and Saturday.

Every Friday evening, starting 19:30, at the Blue Dolphin Restaurant we party – the Romanian way!

The gastronomic show will be complemented by an authentic artistic program with traditional Romanian music and dances.

On Saturdays, starting at 19:30, we invite you to Greek gourmet and musical journeys. The typical dishes with fresh and flavored ingredients will be accompanied by live entertainment (with traditional music and dances).

Price: 90 Lei / person

Children up to 12 years old benefit from a 50% discount.

The menu is free of charge for hotel guests with full board or half board.


Aqua Park Eforie Nord

Aqua Park Eforie Nord

Defy the summer heat in Eforie Nord's newest Aqua Park

Located between the Belona beach, the Hotel Europa and Lake Belona, Eforie Nord's newest Water Park, the only on the Romanian south coast, invites you to try the "cool" water slides in a safe and healthy environment.

A team of specialists takes care for daily interactive entertainment and fun, providing facilities for children and adults, with special guests from the world of celebrities.

Sea escapades

Sea escapades

The seaside and waves feel different when seen offshore on board of a sailboat that rushes into the unknown.

That is why we offer you the chance to discover a different perspective of what a stay at seaside means.

The dedicated Yacht “Jeanneau 54 DS SunOdissey” is available for coastal or offshore cruises. Embark with your friends or family and you can surf together along the Black Sea coast, enjoying the adventure and adding unique memories! If the spirit of adventure leads you to the undiscovered shores, you can perform offshore cruises in the Aegean, Marmara and Mediterranean.

And for those keen to find experiences full of adrenaline, you may experience the underwater world by snorkeling or scuba diving sessions with professional instructors.

Sport, health & spa

Sport, health & spa

Relaxation and beauty rituals, fitness and rehabilitation treatment at Ana Aslan Health Spa in Eforie Nord.

Located at the seaside inside the Europe Hotel, the elegant Ana Aslan Health Spa center is a revitalization haven for the body, mind and spirit. The traditional spa therapies using seawater and mud from the Techirghiol Lake are complemented by innovative laser, ultrasound and ionization procedures.

Enjoy sports, spa, rehabilitation therapies, massages, facials, body toning sessions, as well as anti-aging and masculine revitalization treatments. The wide space featuring a fluid design inspired by the sea boasts a complete range of facilities: from a swimming pool and Jacuzzi to a sauna, gym and treatment rooms.

Cruises and water sports

Cruises and water sports

A Danube Delta adventure, sailing, kayaking and scuba diving.

A cruise in the Danube Delta via Tulcea reveals a paradise of an impressive biodiversity. The special tour along the canals helps to uncover the natural beauty of this unique place, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, made even more appealing by a fisherman’s lunch.

The traditional fish menus can also be enjoyed in the tranquility of the green haven on the Ovidiu Island at the end of a cruise on the Sutghiol Lake. The only natural island in Romania accessible to tourists is also the legendary location where the Latin poet Publius Ovidious Naso lived in exile some two thousand years ago.

The water sports enthusiasts can choose from a range of great experiences, including kayaking, black sea cruising, sailing, snorkeling or scuba diving with qualified instructors.

The beauty of Dobrogea

The beauty of Dobrogea

Visit to the Murfatlar Wine Cellars, including wine tasting and off-road hiking in the wilderness of the Danube Delta.

Caressed by the sun, bathing in the sea and blessed with a natural wonder – the Danube Delta – the land of Dobrogea reveals its beauty with every step. An off-road drive in a 4x4 uncovers the ancient Greek and Dacian-Roman fortresses, as well as the wilderness of the Northern Dobrogea, including the Delta Lakes and the picturesque villages.

The sun-drenched Murfatlar vineyards offer the unique taste of the wines that have been writing history for more than two thousand years along with the traditional cuisine: ranging from dishes made with fresh fish to the delicious Dobrogea pie.

Relaxation & the Kids Club

Relaxation & the Kids Club

The outdoor swimming pool, the mini golf course and the Kids Club bring the summer garden at the Europa Hotel to life.

Following a few hours out at the beach or bathing in the sea, you can relax in the wonderful summer garden at the Europa Hotel. Spend some quality time in the lush ambiance, at the outdoor swimming pool, on the mini golf course or in the shady hammock. Children will have more fun than ever on the specially designed outdoor playground.

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