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Pool & Fitness

Enjoy a relaxing swim or a soak in our indoor pool, which features saltwater from nearby Techirghiol Lake. This water is well known for its beneficial effects – not only with regard to muscle and joint health but also for rheumatic and dermatologic conditions.

Techirghiol Pool

We shall do everything to restore your health and to help you regain your well-being! The outdoor balneal treatment base of the Europa Hotel offers you access to our pool with salt water from the Techirghiol lake, special areas for application or mud massage, as well as specialized assistance in your therapeutic approach.

Because we know the major benefits that these treatments will notably improve your life, we offer you the "black Techirghiol gold" in a luxurious universe along with any seaside stay.

Outdoor Swimming Pool

The benefits of pool therapy are widely known and include increased muscle relaxation, enhanced flexibility, relief from joint pain, and a rebuilding of strength after injury. Partake in a refreshing swim or a tranquil soak in our outdoor swimming pool and harness the healing power of water!

Indoor Treatment Pool

Benefit from the prevention and treatment of different conditions, as well as physical rehabilitation via exercise, kinesiotherapy and hydro-kinesiotherapy in the indoor pool with salty water from the Techirghiol Lake.

Fitness Room

Enjoy a personal rehabilitation program through medical gymnastics for improving joint flexibility and muscle resistance through the precise hands of our skilled therapists.

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