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A mountain break comes with the enjoyment of a revitalizing Spa experience. Inspired by nature, Sport Wellness Spa in Poiana Brasov is a haven for relaxation, where skilled hands pamper the body using organic products, thus enabling it to regain its radiance with beauty, remodeling and rejuvenation rituals.

As a haven for relaxation, Sport Wellness Spa in Poiana Brasov takes your senses on a journey that revitalizes your body, mind and spirit with massages and stress-relieving therapies, facials using organic ingredients, body toning, anti-aging, and men’s energizing treatments. Inspired by the richness of nature, the Sport Wellness

Spa harmoniously combines contemporary design with the strength of the stone, warmth of the wood, onyx fascination and the power of water. The large space comprises a swimming pool, gym, sauna, as well as an innovative outdoor hot tub, all of which increases the urge for sport, relaxation and pampering following hours on the ski slopes.



Sport Wellness Spa
Valea Dragă, 500001, Poiana Brașov, Brașov, Romania | ANPC
Tel: +40 268 407 330 Fax: +40 268 407 336 Email: spa-hotelsport@anahotels.ro

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