Forget about stress, toxins and pain. Enjoy relaxation, revitalization and a regenerated, bright looking skin, while also toning your body through fat burn and the range of treatments available at the medical Ana Aslan Health Spa in Eforie Nord.

Massages and therapies

Hot stone treatment at Europa Hotel & Spa in Eforie Nord, Romania

Enjoy relaxation massages using essential oils, mud, or hot stones that melt away the stress and tension. These ancient therapies help the body to regain its natural balance.

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Mud Massage

This energetic massage will relax strained muscles and relieve joint pain. The therapist will wrap your body in nature’s precious black velvet: the Techirghiol saprogenic mud.

Body Massage
// 20 minutes

Aroma Relax

This massage with warm oils relaxes the entire body and revitalizes the senses through aromatherapy, leaving you with a wonderful state of wellbeing.

Body Massage
// 50 minutes

Ayurveda Massage

An ancient Indian ritual, this massage purifies the body and realigns its balance. This healing treatment tenderly targets the spine, muscles, joints, blood vessels, along with the nervous system.
Body Massage
// 75 minutes

Shiro Dara

With its ability to clear the mind, stimulate memory and regain the clarity of the senses, this revitalizing ritual uses the ayurvedic technique of sprinkle warm oil over the forehead around the ‘third eye’, also called ‘the eye of the mind’. Various eye conditions, sinusitis, rhinitis, insomnia or anxiety can be treated through this technique.
Head, neck and shoulder massage
// 20 minutes


Achieve complete relaxation and a fully energized body through a complex massage combining oils rich in zinc and copper with the healing power of warm granite stones positioned from extremities towards the center of the body along the main energy centers.
Body Massage
// 75 minutes

Thalgo stones

Offering a deep relaxation and energy balance effect, this program begins with a body peeling session using Thal’ion: Vent de Sable, Tentation Cristaline or seasalt products. This is followed by a back massage and the placement of volcanic stones along the spine, ending with a general relaxation massage.
Body Massage
// 85 minutes


Reflexotherapy acts upon specific sensory points across the soles of the feet stimulating the corresponding internal organs in the body and offering a deep detox, revitalizing and and energy balancing effect.

Foot massage
// 25 minutes

Craneo - Cervical Massage

This massage focuses on a deep relaxation of the cervical area, the neck muscles and the arms. This therapy delivers excellent results in relieving headaches, fatigue, insomnia through highly  skilled tension-relieving techniques.

Massage of the head, neck and shoulders
// 25 minutes

Deep Tissue Massage

Ideal for relieving muscle tension and contractions, this massage involves the use of slow and deep massage movements which make use of the therapist’s forearms, knuckles and elbows. The effects are eased muscles and a fully relaxed body.

Body Massage // 50 minutes

Lava Shell Massage

This unique stress relieving experience makes use of organic self-heating, lava-filled shells that are streamed along the body in silky movements, melting away any muscle contraction and tension, reducing anxiety and wrapping the body in a soothing, warm feeling.

Back Massage
// 50 minutes

Volcanic Hot Stone Massage

Relying on traditional techniques of Ayurvedic medicine, this massage uses volcanic stones of various sizes which are placed starting from the body’s extremities to its median area, along the main energy points, the result being a state of deep relaxation and a regain of the body’s natural energy balance.

Body massage
// 50 minutes

Anti-cellulite Massage

This type of massage fights against cellulite and helps remove those unwanted dimples on thighs, legs, abs and buttocks. Massaging the affected areas with fat-burning lotions and oils improves the skin’s suppleness and improves its elasticity, while also improving blood circulation.

Body massage
// 25 minutes

Stripexan with Regestril

Look younger in only a matter of days, swiftly smoothing away expression lines and wrinkles with the help of combining active and regenerative remedies with Regestril. This treatment is optimized by the GK4 technology, based on ultrasounds, ionizations and infrared rays.
Facial Antiaging Treatment
// 60 minutes

Detoxification treatments

Lymphatic drainage

As a remedy for cellulite, water and toxin retention, the lymphatic drainage releases stress, improves blood circulation and general immunity, resulting in the total revitalization of the body.
Body Massage
// 55 minutes

Targeted Lymphatic Drainage

This massage treats the specific body area of your choice in order to reduce concentration of cellulite tissue, improve immunity and activate lymphatic circulation. Areas of choice: face, superior limbs or abdomen

Body Massage // 25 minutes

Facial treatments

Ayurveda Face Lift

Deeply relaxing and tenaciously toning, this bio-energetic facial massage fades away the visible marks of tension. Through microcirculation stimulation, the skin regains its healthy bright glow, while breathing is disciplined by corrected shoulder and neck positions.
Facial Treatment
// 25 minutes

Thalgo source

Custom designed by Thal’ion laboratories, this treatment restores vitality and stamina to fatigued, dry, pollution-prone, and weathered skin that turns from dry to fortified.
Facial Treatment
// 55 minutes

Anti-Wrinkle Premium Thalgo - Ultimate Exception

Anti-wrinkle treatment for mature persons (over 40) or persons undergoing menopause, who have high expectations for their complexion. The treatment is based on growth hormones that allow the complexion to regain its natural glow and optimum level of hydration.

Facial Treatment // 85 minutes

Thalgo Pur

Uniform, clean and ripe skin is every woman’s dream. In making this wish come true, the Thalgo beauty laboratories have created a special treatment custom designed for oily, enlarged pore skin types, to help eliminate impurities and regulate sebum secretions.
Facial Treatment
// 55 minutes

Eye Treatment with collagen and hyaluronic acid

Anti-wrinkle, anti-puffiness and anti – dark circles treatment with silicone and Matrixyl-Sinthe6. Ideal for the delicate area around the eyes which will regain its elasticity and optimum hydration level.
Facial treatment
// 25 minutes

Algo lift

Nothing outshines the brightness and firmness of a perfectly hydrated complexion. Early appearing wrinkles are delayed with Thal’ion products, pampering your precious pores with a complete cosmetic course of makeup removal, facial scrub, applied fortifying mask, all tenderly topped with a massage.
Facial Treatment
// 60 minutes

Klapp Gold

The antioxidant and restorative effects of this high-end anti-aging treatment are released through the application of 24-karat gold foils, boosted with a cocktail of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that shield the mature skin with perennial protection.
Facial Treatment
// 55 minutes

ASA Klapp

A bright, ripe, flawless, and UV ray protected skin is this treatment’s rewarding result. The use of polyphenols extracted from grapes to shrink pores and reduce deep wrinkles is reinforced by the GK4 ultrasound, ionization and infrared ray technology.
Facial Treatment
// 55 minutes

X-Treme Hyaluron Infusion

This complex treatment redefines the hydration process by stimulating collagen production and giving complexion a lifting-like effect. Innovative and complex treatment for face and hands.

Antiaging Treatment // 55 minutes

Klapp Vitamin A

Lending protection to the mature skin, this treatment reduces the appearance of wrinkles and stimulates skin rejuvenation. This process is supported by GK4 ultrasound, ionization and infrared ray technology, heightening the amplification of natural moisturizing factors at a prompt pace.
Facial Treatment // 60 minutes

Facial Alchemy with Gerovital / Aslavital

From preventing cellular decomposition to enhancing skin protection, this rich treatment is empowered by highly active natural ingredients such as clay, bringing the complexion back to a youthful bloom.

Starting off with a cleanse, the alchemy continues with a peeling, the application of a detoxifying mask, hydration, ionization, thermo - therapy, a massage, and ends up with a skin toning procedure assisted by high-frequency waves.

Facial Treatment // 55 minutes

Biomer Sireia Lift & Refill

This is a natural anti-wrinkle treatment especially recommended to mature skin. While muscles are being relaxed, fine wrinkles are erased and collagen production is stimulated, thus reducing age signs.

Facial treatment // 55 min

Vyon Peel & White

The luminous, rejuvenated, moisturized and UV-protected skin is the result of treatment with natural fruit acids. The depigmentation effect, along with the diminishing of dilated pores and deep wrinkles, are enhanced by GK4 ultrasound, ionization and infrared beam technology.

Facial treatment without extraction //45 minutes

Vyon Cell Guard

Ideal for mature skin, this treatment stimulates collagen production, prevents damage to the skin's DNA, provides firmness and elasticity, removes age-related keratosis and diminishes wrinkles. Skin rejuvenation is due to the action of essential compounds in cellular metabolism: retinol, AHA, hyaluronic acid and peptides.

Facial treatment // 60 Minutes

Vyon Spacials Moisturizing

Intense and lasting hydration for any type of complexion. Hyaluronic acid fills up wrinkles, leaving your skin a velvety and revitalized. The treatment is complemented by GK4 technology, which uses ultrasound power, ionization and infrared radiation.
Facial Treatment  // 60 minutes

Slim & Fit

Slim & Fit at Europa Hotel & Spa in Eforie Nord, Romania

The extra weight can be lost and the body toned with just a few days of fitness, swimming, professional massages, hydrotherapy and treatments using chocolate, caffeine, mud and seaweed.

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Algae Bath

Relaxation and stimulation of fat burn through the anti-cellulite power of the seaweed that, combined with the salty water from the Techirghiol Lake, deeply hydrates the skin, helping it to regain its firmness and natural beauty.
Body hydrotherapy // 20 minutes

Thalgo Svelt Silhouette

High precision body-shaping treatment with Thalgo algae – based products and active oxygen - with anti-cellulite, slimming and toning effects. The ritual includes a peeling session followed by a massage, then by a serum and mask for the entire body. 
Body treatment // 55 minutes


A total indulgence for the senses, this wellbeing ritual involves the wrapping of the body in a silky chocolate layer. Equally delightful and effective, this treatment stimulates the burning of body fat, relaxes and tones the skin. 
Peeling, wrap, body massage
// 90 minutes

Cooling Sculpting Legs Care

Soothes, relaxes and refreshes feet while reducing the feeling of tired, heavy feet. This special treatment, created by the Thalgo laboratories, hydrates the skin and remodels the lower body.
Local Treatment
// 45 minutes

Thali’svelt Silhouette Wrap

The treatment using Thal’ion products with seaweed extracts stimulates fat burn and toxin reduction while losing the extra inches and toning the body.
Peeling, wrapping, relaxation and activation massage
// 60 minute

Wellbeing for Men

Relaxation, detoxification, hydration and body toning through a combination of the benefits of water and the healing power of seaweed and organic mud.

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Stress Relief Massage

Since it reinstates the natural balance and harmony of the body, this massage relaxes strained muscles and improves blood circulation.
Relaxation massage
// 25 minutes

Man Klapp Power

Ideal for male skin, this deep-cleansing, revitalizing and rejuvenating treatment reduces expression lines, making the skin look brighter. Complemented by the GK4 technology using ultrasounds, ionization and infra-reds, the face massage with products rich in minerals, vitamins, proteins, citric acid and hamamelis freshens the skin, enabling it to regain its elasticity and strength.
Facial Treatment
// 55 minutes


Relaxation, detoxification, hydration and body toning through a combination of the benefits of water and the healing power of seaweed and organic mud.

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Mud Bath

Due to its revitalizing effect that helps skin regain its flexibility, the renowned treatment using Techirghiol sapropelic mud and salty water has spectacular healing benefits for various rheumatic, orthopedic and skin conditions such as psoriasis.
Body Treatment
// 20 minutes

Hydro Massage

Energizes and revitalizes the body while relaxing muscles and stimulating blood circulation through the water jets. The healing power of water strengthens the immune system of the body, enabling it to regain its strength and vitality.
Body Treatment
// 20 minutes

Underwater Shower Massage

With its toning and relaxing effects, the secret of this type of hydro-massage is the use of a strong water jet, complemented by the therapists’ expertise. The deep action of water reduces pain, detoxifies the body and stimulates blood circulation, enabling the body to regain its vitality and energy.
Body Hydro-massage
// 20 minutes

Vichy Shower Massage

Ultimate muscle relaxation, blood circulation activation and skin beauty are just some of the benefits that the Vichy shower has to offer. The shower caresses the body with a refreshing waterfall combining strong water jets and a massage by hand.
// 15 minutes

Sports and wellbeing


A personal rehabilitation program for improving joint flexibility and muscle resistance under the competent guidance of our skilled therapists.
Medical Gymnastics
// from 1 to 12 sessions

1 session - 25 minutes


Relaxation and body rehabilitation through water gymnastics under close supervision from top experts. The cardiovascular effort is lower in the swimming pool with salty water and the benefits for the body can be seen immediately.
Medical Gymnastics
// from 1 to 5 sessions

Cervical Relaxation Program

An exercise program followed by massage which relieves tension, pain and discomfort in the neck area.

Cervical regional massage + kynetic - therapy // 25 minutes

Back Pain Relief Program

Relaxes the muscles and reduces back pain through a regional therapeutic massage and local kinesio-therapy techniques.
Massage and Kinesio-therapy
// 25 minutes


The prevention and treatment of different conditions, as well as physical rehabilitation via exercise, kinesio -therapy and hydro - kinesiotherapy in the swimming pool with salty water from the Techirghiol Lake.

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Laser Therapy

Pain relief, faster post-traumatic rehabilitation, as well as rheumatic and dermatological treatment through advanced laser therapy.
Local Electro-therapy
// Based on medical reccomendation


Activates body’s healing power, treats skin conditions and reduces pain using photo-therapy. The polarized light beam deeply penetrates the tissue, thus accelerating the regeneration and balance of the body.
// Based on medical reccomendation

Ultrasound Therapy

Effective in the post-traumatic rehabilitation of muscles and joints, this therapy using high-frequency waves has profound thermal and mechanical effects on the body.
// Based on medical reccomendation


This therapy stimulates blood circulation and reduces post-traumatic and rheumatic pain through a galvanic bath.
// 20 minutes

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