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Adamclisi and St Andrews Monastery

Visit Tropaeum Traiani, an ancient landmark whose magnificence is reminiscent of Trajan’s Column, followed by a journey into the heart of Romanian Christianity.

Tropaeum Traiani has defied time and has been gracefully dominating Adamclisi, located just 60km from Constanța. This is the first triumphant memorial built by the Roman legions to celebrate Trajan following the bloody battles with the Dacians between 101 and 102. The next stop is the legendary St Andrews Cave, a beautiful church built into stone, which bears the name of the man who introduced the people inhabiting the Northern shores of the Danube to Christianity.

Trip to the Histria Fortress

Built in the 7th century B.C. by the Greek merchants of Milet, Histria is the oldest city in Romania that still shows traces of a flourishing civilization.

First discovered in 1914 by Vasile Pârvan, the renowned Romanian historian, the ancient city of Histria was one of the most important commercial cities located West of the Black Sea. Built by Greek settlers and later conquered by the Romans, the fortress was included in the Dacian state led by Burebista which, following a new Roman influence, began to decline due to foreign invasions.

The Ruins of the Tomis Fortress

It has been more than 2,500 years since the Greek seafarers and merchants of Milet built this settlement by the sea, on the site of the city of Constanța.

The Tomis fortress went through a stage of prosperity until the middle of the first century A.D. and became the capital city of the area between the Danube and the Black Sea following Roman invasion. The fortress featured plenty of temples and edifices, public squares and thermal baths, marble workshops, new roads and neighborhoods, some of which survived time and are now visible all around the city of Constanța.

Clos des Colombes

This seaside restaurant brings a taste of France to Romania; it’s located in the center of an open garden, surrounded by young vineyards. The seaside Olympus Cellar, close to the Comorova forest, hosts fine local wine. The restaurant is designed using a combination of contemporary and traditional features and is located in a building formerly used for making wine. The fireplace inside, along with the refined ambiance and the menu consisting of Romanian dishes reinterpreted in an innovative way are ideal for a romantic evening. The terrace also offers great relaxation and views across the vineyards.

Cuisine: Romanian and French
Recommendations: lunch, dinner, bookings, cocktails, weddings

Popasul Pescarilor (Fishermen’s Halt)

This is one of the most renowned restaurants in the area and offers fresh fish and delicious traditional borscht. A pit stop in the Olympus resort in Constanța is a great opportunity to try out this traditional restaurant serving fish dishes, located within walking distance from the sea. The flavor of fresh, locally sourced seawater or freshwater fish intertwines with the taste of a white Dobrogea wine.

Cuisine: local, fish-based
Recommendations: lunch, dinner, bookings, organized groups

Bier Haus

Bier Haus offers an authentic Bavarian pub ambiance, excellent German cuisine and traditional beers. Located in the heart of the city, in an area consisting of various pubs and restaurants, the Bier Haus restaurant stands out through its authentic design and the ambiance of a German beer pub. The restaurant’s most distinctive feature, however, is the traditional Bavarian beer and the delicious food: from bratwursts to other German and international dishes.

Cuisine: Bavarian, international
Recommendations: lunch, dinner, bookings, special events, business meetings

Danube Delta Trips & Cruises

This unique sea adventure takes you on a journey through the wonders of nature: the green and magnificent paradise of the Danube Delta.

Driving via Tulcea and Murighiol in a motorboat can take you into the heart of the Danube Delta. This journey along picturesque canals reveals the unique beauty of the local flora and fauna and is a great way to enjoy a fish lunch outdoors.

Trip to Bulgarian seaside

A visit to Balcic and the surrounding area, including Cape Kaliakra and the Golden Sands, reveals the beauty of the seaside located South of the Danube. The picturesque city of Balchik is located on the Black Sea coast, close to the Romanian border, dominated by the elegant shape of a castle used as a former royal residence. Queen Mary of Romania has also enjoyed the tranquility and beauty of the place surrounded by a vast exotic garden between the two World Wars.

Cape Kaliakra, located near Balchik stretches 2 km into the Black Sea and is about 60 feet above sea level. The inaccessibility of the place made it a great ancient fortress, the second major one after Tomis. At that time it was called Tirisis. A legend says that this fort has housed Lyzimah's riches, the successor of Alexander the Great. Currently, there is a small museum and ruins of the ancient fortress, various buildings, churches, Roman shared baths and fountains.

Golden Sands, the most popular Bulgarian seaside resort, is rightfully called like this due to the smoothness and beauty of its sand beach. Many consider the resort as fashion-conscious and luxurious with fine restaurants and bistros, coffee bars, pubs and fast-food restaurants as well as fish and Bulgarian restaurants with local and folk song performances and costumes in vivid colors.

Cruise and fish lunch on the Ovidiu Island

This quiet island is where the Latin poet, Publius Ovidius Naso, spent the last years of his life. Located only 5 km away from the Mamaia sea resort is Romania’s only natural island used for leisure purposes. Following a short cruise in light boats on the Sutghiol Lake, the green paradise of this small island and the great taste of a traditional fish-based meal await.

Vivo Shopping Center

This elegant mall in Constanța hosts over 130 stores, restaurants and coffee shops, as well as an entertainment area featuring a multiplex movie theatre.

City Park Mall

Located in North Constanța next to Parcul Municipal (The City Park), this modern mall designed to resemble the sails of a boat reveals a world of sopping and entertainment.

Tom Shopping Center

One of the largest shopping malls in Constanța, this is the ideal place for a day of retail therapy and relaxation.

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